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'Panentheistic' View of Divine Love in Man and Nature: A Comparative Study in Whitman's Leaves of Grass and Maulana Jalal al-Din Rumi's Mathnavi

Mehrad Golkhosravi


This article is a part of my MA thesis A Comparative Study of Walt Whitman and Jalal Al-Din Rumi’s Poetry in Relation to Mysticism, in which the researcher has attempted to investigate the common mystical and transcendental tenets of Walt Whitman and Rumi despite their geographical distance, language differences and historical divisions. In this comparative study, Leaves of Grass and Rumi’s Mathnavi have been examined as the writers’ major works. This work deals with both poets’ mystical view of human beings and the image of the Divine. In order to do so, attention is paid to two common, major themes: ‘Man’s Divinity in Love’ and ‘God and the Nature-Mystics’. Moreover, the concepts of ‘pantheism’ and ‘panentheism’ as well as the Sufi expression wahdat al-wujud are discussed in Whitman and Rumi’s poetic works.

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