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Hacia una estética poliglósica de constructos heteroglósicos: literatura comparada e interculturalidad

Cristina Garrigós González


The definition of what comparative literature is remains, after many years of discussion, an unsolved problem, more urgent than ever in a time of multiculturalism, (post)colonialism, (post)ethnicity and the rise of cultural studies. In this paradoxical condition, the apparently inevitable globalization of all knowledge clashes with the focus on the local and arguments of essential values
collide with the decentralization of any unified system. Faced with this situation, the scholar who practices a comparative approach is torn out between the origins of the discipline, with its focus on the Western canon, more often as the result of an experience of exile, and the urge to popularise and open up the field. Thus, this paper explores the most recent discussions around this debate. Aware of the impossibility of fencing in the many and diverse elements that conform the field, these pages will try to expose the present state of affairs in the study of comparative literature.

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