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Travesías literarias en el pacífico: de los mares del sur a la nueva Oceanía

Paloma Fresno Calleja


This article is a brief introductory study of the anglophone literature from the South Pacific. Since the 1970s this writing has become consolidated according to the need of rejecting both the colonial visions and stereotypes applied to their population, as well as those related to their geographical location as islands in a remote and unknown ocean. The task of these writers has focused on the establishment of alternative postcolonial representations which are more in agreement with their cultural specificity both in their countries of origin and in their new diasporic locations. As a result, this emergent literature has managed to overcome the exotic connotations of labels like the South Seas or the neocolonial meaning of terms like the South Pacific and provide the bases for a holistic perception of a New Oceania, a vast area of cultural dominance in which each small island and the ocean which links them have become integral parts as their source of definition.

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