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'Reading' Films and 'Watching' Literary Texts: 5 Lesson Plans for Advanced TEFL Students

Gloria Luque Agulló


This paper justifies the use of literary works and their filmed version, offering an extended lesson plan using five combinations of films and books for upper-intermediate and advanced students. In the first part we argue in favour of using both modes (the visual and written ones) for improving students’ general level of proficiency. The two codes constitute authentic sources of comprehensible input, increase students’ learning time outside the classroom and provide a linguistic and paralinguistic context that supplies a relevant schema background for understanding language. Moreover, their comparison also allows for a critical analysis. In the second part 5 lesson plans to carry out throughout the course is provided, combining books and their filmed version. For every book and visual adaptation previous, while and follow-up reading and viewing activities are proposed, integrating the four skills and promoting negotiation.

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