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Constructions of US National Identity in Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center (2006): Back to the Same Old Story?

Esther Pérez-Villalba


The terrorist attacks suffered by the United States on 11th September 2001 have recently inspired and shaped a number of film narratives. This paper explores a well-known film belonging to this newly-set, 9/11 filmic trend, namely, Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center (2006). Marketed to be consumed domestically and internationally, this US production is analysed here as a patriotic, ideologicallycharged attempt to recreate and reassert specific representations of US national identity post 9/11. As this paper argues, ‘Americanness’ in the film seems mainly constructed as multiethnic, Christian, and as working through collective agency and the family unit. This paper also explores to what extent constructions of national identity in World Trade Center differ from long-established, traditional, discourses on US national identity.

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