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Book Review : Cultural-Historical Perspectives on Teacher Education and Development : Learning Teaching, 2010. Taylor & Francis Group

Victoria Antoniadou


Review of the book entitled Cultural-Historical Perspectives on Teacher Education and Development: Learning Teaching, 2010, Routledge: Taylor & Francis Group, London and New York (Edited by Viv Ellis, Anne Edwards, and Peter Smagorinsky). The review first discusses the importance that sociocultural perspective taken on by educationalists has had in the recent paradigms for investigating learning and the significance this has in the development and implementation of Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT). The review then moves on to discuss how the fourteen chapters of the book go about meeting the main aims of the book:

1. Demonstrate the contribution of sociocultural and cultural-historical activity theory (CHAT) towards an understanding of teacher learning;
2. Offer a strong exemplification of a CHAT research focus in this domain;
3. Show what teachers learn, how they learn and where they learn, using specific research examples based in CHAT.

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