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Actuar per parlar. La dramatització com a instrument didàctic per a l’adquisició lingüística i la formació literària

Antonio Luengo Bravo


Drama is a tool that can promote language acquisition and literary training to newcomer students in the reception classes. Dramatic play, besides being an effective instrument to overcome expressive blockages and to encourage students to speak, constitutes a communicative framework in which to use language significantly. In addition, the dramatization of texts allows to work in depth on its understanding and interpretation, and to create an affective link with the teenager, promoting the discussion around aspects of the text using oral language. With the aim of creating innovative practices in the admission of recently arrived students through drama as a teaching tool for linguistic acquisition and literary training this article is presented, whose findings are based on the results of a research located within the applications of literature in multilingual contexts, which is a first approach to drama from the teaching of language and literature.

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Bellaterra Journal of Teaching & Learning Language & Literature (BJTLLL)

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