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Culturas y creencias malentendidas dentro y fuera de la clase de L2 para inmigrantes adultos

Elena Merino Jular


This ethnographical research attempts to discover what type of misunderstandings can emerge between three adult immigrant newcomers in Barcelona and a Spanish person, during their conversation, in English. In addition, we intend to detect the beliefs or ideologies which turn up in the discourse of each interlocutor in order to determine their incidence in the interaction. For this purpose, 15 L2 (Catalan and Spanish) classes for adult immigrants were observed and 11 interviews were held. Specifically, in this limited study we will analyse the conversation and the discourse of the interviews between the researcher and three participants, two people from Pakistan and another one from Bangladesh. The results show that not all the misunderstandings that emerge in conversation are due to cultural differences. Nonetheless, we may find others which, due to the variety of values, beliefs and ideologies of each interlocutor, might have an influence on the interlocutors’ reaction. Depending on the type of misunderstanding (more or less covert, more or less ideological) the effect will tend to be more or less negative. Finally, we hope that these results can apply in the field of teaching of second languages for immigrants, since that is the most appropriate context where one can start to understand, manage and transmit the most controversial points of the intercultural communication from the very beginning.

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