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Creencias de las profesoras de la Fundación Íntegramente. Un primer acercamiento al contexto sociocultural de la enseñanza de castellano a los inmigrantes de Santa Coloma de Gramenet

Hermes Iván Díaz Ceniceros


The continuous arrival of immigrants to Catalonia, coming from different parts of Africa, Middle East and Asia, has led to the creation of reception centres (welcome centres) to help new arrivals integrate into the host society. One of the centres in the urban area of Barcelona is the Fundación Integramenet en Santa Coloma de Gramenet. It became apparent in this centre that there was a need for Spanish lessons for immigrants, led by volunteer teachers. This study looks at the belief systems of these teachers, with the objective of taking a close look at the classrooms in this centre. The study uses ethnographic research applied to semi-structured interviews. There were four interviews carried out: Zafo, Helena, Sofía y Tere. Each of the interviews was focused around these themes: the relationship between the volunteer teachers’ belief system and the teaching profession; how previous experience in learning a L2 influences class preparation; how multiculturality is valued; and how the teachers identify students’ problems. It is possible to see in the interviews that the teachers’ belief systems are determined, to a great degree, by their professions. In relation to previous experience learning a L2, it is possible to see that this experience is taken advantage of when the professional beliefs allow it. In this way, it is concluded that the importance of ethnographic studies about teachers’ and students’ beliefs are important and can be used to create adequate support materials for these classes.

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