Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Activismo y colectivos en red: praxis feminista online y violencia de género

Sonia Núñez Puente


This article explores the use of new technologies and the Internet in the process of
creating new relational spaces, or online collectives, which have arisen in Spanish online
feminist practice as an activist proposal in the particular sphere of activism fighting violence
against women. Its main objective is to provide an overview of some of the diverse women’s
communities online in Spain that are using the Internet for issues of activism in relation to
violence against women. The article argues that these online collectives are used to preserve
a sense of a project of female agency. This article also analyzes some of the Spanish feminist
efforts to re-write the public sphere in cyberspace and the creation of women’s spaces on the
Internet by and for women, which are constituted as online collectives created from the base
of civic and feminist-oriented activities dealing with violence against women.

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