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Vida personal, laboral y familiar y tiempo de trabajo: mecanismos flexibilizadores "Clásicos" en la ley orgánica para la igualdad efectiva entre hombres y mujeres

Amparo Garrigues Giménez


Organic Act 3/2007, for the Effective Equality between Women and Men recognizes the right of working persons to the conciliation of their personal, family and labour life, and also foments the co-responsibility of both sexes in the assumption of family obligations. With this purpose, new juridical mechanisms has been provided (i.e., the new «paternity leave»); but, moreover, certain «classic» conciliating instruments have been checked and remodelled. These classic instruments operate, precisely, on time of work, making it more flexible –while so much essential factor to make possible the purpose of concilitation. The present work will approach on emphasizing the new legal profile provided to some of these «classic instruments»; finally, lactation leave; the reduction of working day to exercise legal guard of minor or attending a disbled relative; and extended leave to take care of children or relatives.

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