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Mujeres perversas. La caricaturización femenina como expresión de poder entrela guerra civil y el franquismo

Sofía Rodríguez López


This report shows the different types of women existing in the thirties and the beginning of the Franco years, directed towards noticing how the dominant idea made use of them on each period, establishing a feminine pattern which exciuded an important group of women. The women were punished to live outside cause of their autonomy and political ideology, and were also caricaturised from the ruling misogyny and homophobia. So sexuality was transformed to the way to direct most of the criticisms, describing as immoral, prostitutes and gays and conferring job whoever simply refused the instructions of the authority. However, each deviation from domesticity —and separate spheres— ideas, as in the republic as in the dictatorship, would suffer the biggest traditionalist social sentence, fact that exceptionally included the named «red» and «blue» women, liberal and religious in the same group: the singles.

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