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El Lyceum Club de Madrid : un refugio feminista en una capital hostil

Shirley Mangini


In spite of the assiduous resistance by the patriarchy vis a vis the Femenine Lyceum Club (1926-1936) and vis a vis the entrance of Spanish women into the public sphere in general, the Lyceum became a center of sociability where women could display their talents, build personal and professional relationships, and where for the first time in Spain cuestion the social and legal condition of their gender. Although there were intellectuals and scientists like Ortega y Gasset and Marañón who proferred countless reasons to demonstrate the inherent inferiority of women, the Lyceum proved the opposite; this became especially evident when, in 1931, several of the members of the Club were named to prestigious posts in the Second Spanish Republic. In 1926, the Feminine Lyceum Club was founded in Madrid. The Club would, despite resistance from the patriarchy, create a haven for educated and gifted women where they could enjoy the company of other women, create personal bonds and become more aware of how to improve the social condition of their gender.

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