Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Mujeres y sociabilidad laica (1875-1931)

Mónica Moreno Seco, Alicia Abad Mira


This article deals with the unequal feminine prominence in the field of the secular culture, such as the socialist and anarchist movements, the freemasonry or the republicanism, through the study of some form of heterodox sociability, specifically the register of the children, the matrimonies and the civil burials. The rites are elements of an alternative way of life to the. catholic one, as private acts with public implication. The participation of women in these ceremonies was very frequent, especially in the labor movement. This feminine presence cannot be explained only as an acritical acceptance of the values of the male members, but, in a context of great social pressure on the feminine moral and religiousness, must be interpreted as the fruits of the taking of stands of many women, identified with the laicism and the progress that publicly expressed their ideals.

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