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"Quo tendas anagogia": Viridiana o la historia de un inconsciente

Alicia García Ruiz


This article tackles a new reading of Buñuels film Viridiana, both by adopting a feminist approach and by trying to enhance the layers of reading of this work. The most usual interpretations on Viridiana have been posited in terms of an allegory of national construction of Spain during the sixties as well as a new heterotopy of the experience of desire as a subject-formation process. Ah these readings are considered basically right, yet they are not enough. The article points out that they need to be both enriched and discussed against the background of multiple hermeneutic levels, which would eventually amount to the so-called «political unconscious», as it was formulated by Jameson. What is at stake here is that Buñuel’s cinematic satirical discourse bears an ambivalent relationship to the religious-based master narrative it both subverts and submit to. This narrative lying behind Viridianas subversive artifact would be, in this light, an essentially patriarchal one.

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