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A success story: New rules and fewer injuries in traditional

Tania Fernández Villa, Vicente Martín Sánchez, Carlos Ayán Pérez, Antonio Molina de la Torre, Héctor García Robles, María Álvarez Álvarez, Miguel Delgado Rodríguez


Objective: To analyse the effectiveness of a change in the rules on the incidence of injuries in
traditional Leonese Wrestling (LW).
Material and methods: Cohort study, retrospective (2006---2007) and prospective (2008---2012).
The population studied comprised all the male wrestlers over 16 years of age who took part
in Winter League competitions in the seasons 2006---2012. Data collected included the number,
location and severity of injuries. Classifying them according to location and severity, the incidence
of injuries by bouts and falls before and after the change was calculated. The formula
for calculating effectiveness was: 1 --- relative risk.
Results: Over the 7 seasons, a total of 34 injuries were reported ---- 9 in the seasons before the
change and 25 afterwards. Since the introduction of the new regulations in 2008, no serious
upper limb injuries have been reported. Before the change in rules there was an incidence of
10.4 per 1000 bouts and 3.9 for every 1000 falls, the differences being statistically significant
(P = .002 and P = .006, respectively). The effectiveness in reducing the incidence of serious
injuries was 94% by bouts, and 91% by falls.
Conclusions: The results of this study confirm the importance of a methodological approach for
the prevention of injuries; in this case a change in the rules.
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