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On the application of stretching to healthy and injured sportsmen and women

Laura Pacheco Arajol, Juan García Tirado


Stretching is a technique that maintains or improves the range of movement in a joint or group of joints. It serves the muscle and sensory tissue due to an extended traction action. It is a technique that can be applied in the clinic or from a training perspective in health and injured athletes. The technique is indicated for the care, prevention and maintenance of the abilities of each individual or for their development. Not all stretches are done in the same way or seek the same objective.

On reviewing the literature, it is seen that there is no consensus on the classification or way in which to apply stretches. There is doubt on the beneficial effects of stretching during warming up. A study needs to be done to provide scientific support. The aim of the review is to recognise stretching, develop the classification, show five stretching methods and propose their application: in warming up, cooling down and training, in the healthy athlete and the athlete with muscle injuries.

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