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Current concepts of the pathophysiology of tendinopathies. Tissue engineering

Tomás Fernández Jaén, Fernando Baró Pazos, Ascensión Fernández Jiménez, Marta Guillén Vicente, Pedro Guillén García


Tendinopathy is a common condition that occurs while practising sport.
The unequal distribution of the work load throughout the tendon causes heterogeneous ruptures in extension and distribution. These ruptures start defective repair processes that produce a degenerated tendon with a change in structure and functional response to exercise.
In this article the different predisposing factors are study, along with the mechanisms of action of the chemical and cellular agents involved in the physiology of tendinopathies.
The basic components (support, cells and chemical substances) that are used for tissue engineering are also analysed, as well as the current possibilities of using the basic components, the inter-relationships between them and the current level of execution.

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