Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

2014: Vol.:44, Núm.: 2

Vol.:44, Núm.: 2


Key factors of recovery in psychotic disorders (p. 135-149)
Leticia García-Álvarez, Serafín Lemos Giráldez, Guillermo Vallejo Seco, Nuria Ordóñez-Camblor, Mercedes Paino, Patricia Burón-Fernández, Óscar Vallina-Fernández, Purificación Fernández-Iglesias, Jessica Solares-Vázquez
A comparative analysis of the psychological structure of perfectionism in patients with hypertension at work and patients with essential hypertension (p. 151-168)
Elena Pervichko, Yury Zinchenko
Psychology, language and communication: Analysis with the tool LIWC of the speeches and tweets from the candidates to 2012 Galician elections (p. 169-184)
Mercedes Fernández-Cabana, Xosé Rúas, Maria Teresa Alves-Pérez
The first Spanish version of the NEPSY for the assessment of the neuropsychological development in a sample of Spanish children (p. 185-198)
Ángel Aguilar Alonso, Mercedes Torres (Torres Viñals), Eva Maria Aguilar-Mediavilla
From emotional and cognitive regulation to self-regulation development in the first year of life (p. 199-212)
Vania Aldrete-Cortez, Paul Carrillo-Mora, Armando Mansilla-Olivares, Lourdes Schnaas, Fayné Esquivel-Ancona
Older’s women sexuality. Developmental and psychosocial perspective (p. 213-228)
Anna Freixas Farré, Bárbara Luque-Salas
Psychosocial health of family caregivers and professionals: Association with sociodemographic and psychological factors (p. 229-243)
Francisco Javier Saavedra, Miguel Jesús Bascón, Maria Jesús Rojas, Arianna Sala