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La investigación sobre hipertexto : fundamentación teórica del ciberperiodismo y caminos para la docencia

Ainara Larrondo Ureta


Hypertext nowadays represents a theoretical and methodological reference for the field of online journalism and, more specifically, for newswriting on the Internet, considered to be an emerging discipline that is focused on the study of messages distributed using Internet media. This article examines the origin of and reasons for this articulation around a model that has been extensively investigated and written about for years, not only in online journalism. These revisions seek to justify the need for progress in the fundamental aspects of new knowledge and suggest the study of the hypertextual model in journalism to be the main path to assimilating the cognitive basis of the new discipline. To justify this hypothesis, the author focuses her attention on the knowledge of each online genre, this being a highly valuable aspect for the teaching of online newswriting. Therefore, the discipline of Newswriting on the Internet is expected to feature prominently in the study of online journalism in Spain. Though still young, there is a strong enough tradition of academic research of the discipline to support cross-disciplinary influences and develop the kind of compatibility between theory and practise that is not always possible in traditional studies of the writing of journalistic text.

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