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Cross media training (para crear en tiempos de convergencia)

María Teresa Soto Sanfiel


Because many opinions claim that the creation of cross-media content will form part of the skills required by new generations of communication professionals, this text contains a description of the basis of a training proposal to provide students with said knowledge. However, in delimitating said proposal, there was a need to overcome the absence of academic references. So, first, a model of the phases of the production and creation of crossmedia has been defined (inspired by the notion of interchange and cooperation of the elements present in the configuration of these messages). Thought has also been given to the properties of the cross-media messages that could be the subjects of manipulation. Both theoretical exercises are included in the article as the threshold for the outline of the objectives of the training plan (which contains, in turn, a succinct description of the related phases and activities). The article also gives thought to the method considered adequate to attain similar objectives and, given the evolution of technological developments, proposes one particular channel: simulation models (virtual reality or metaverses). The text ends with an outline, in the form of an example, for a simulation platform to achieve crossmedia training objectives like those described in the study.

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