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Periodismo digital y democracia participativa

Amparo Moreno Sardà, Núria Simelio Solà


Technological change is the most visible transformation in the Faculty of Communication Sciences (Autonomous University of Barcelona) that was founded in 1971. We need to renovate the current curriculum in order to bring it into line with the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA) as well as new social needs and digital forms of knowledge production. Within this framework there is a breach between technical training and theoretical training. This breach has also been produced in parts of the Spanish mass media that, since the transition from dictatorship to democracy, has shown a disregard for plural citizenship as an active subject of political and democratic debate and has also dehumanized information. Digital journalism provides the opportunity and tools to reinstate men and women as citizens with the rights and capacities for participation in the construction of knowledge and in the evaluation of public policies. However, digital journalism cannot be treated as a single subject, and neither can it be considered to be just one further form of mass media. Digital Journalism must collaborate in the implantation of better and more plural humanism and participative democracy, both in local societies and on the web.

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