Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Ciberperiodismo y posmodernidad

Olga Álvarez de Armas


Speaking of what is «contemporary» is a very risky matter in the academic environment. Proximity in time is always an issue, in that the «lack of a historical perspective» in order to speak of something somehow affects the comfort of what has already been written, rewritten and studied. Therefore, speaking of cyberjournalism, post-modernity in its purest form, the very same modernity that in its self-compliance inverts its modalities1, is an even greater risk. However, given its very nature, there is a need for the academic world, especially Communication Sciences, to immediately reappraise its functioning and contemporaneous nature or we will end up speaking about what has already happened and is another matter entirely, such is the speed at which it is developing. So we urgently need, if only on a minor scale, to confront the complexity of what is «historical» in academia, and deal with what is contemporary with our students. Once one has recovered from the stupefaction that is produced by the new media, one can start posing questions. And answering some of them.

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