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Los 25 de Julio en la prensa gallega de la Transición : reivindicaciones identitarias y su representación en los medios

Marcos S. Pérez Pena


The 25th of July, as the Galician national Day, is a celebration with a great discursive density. It is the red-letter day for nationalism, but over all it is the red-letter day for Galicia, for the Galician national identity building process. Therefore, what newspapers publish the days closed to this celebration is a good indicator to measure the sensitivity of each journal towards Galician identity and towards nationalist movement. During the Spanish Transition celebration went through different stages: from 1976, when took place the first great demonstration, still illegal, the huge demonstrations in 1977 (when, for the first time in forty years the Galician Fatherland Day was hold in a context of freedom), 1978 and 1979, up to the 25 of July in 1980 and 1981, characterized for the exagerated police control and the marginalization of the Galician nationalism. At each time, media adopted a more enthusiastic or distrustful attitude towards the celebration, depending on the political con text, the identity of the organizers of each event, and the prevailing ideology in the newspaper. This resarch analyses the discourse built up and spreaded away for Galician press about the distinct 25th of July commemorations that took place between 1975 and 1981, the set up interpretative frames, and the images presented about each actor.

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