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La gestión de crisis en la comunicación organizacional : el caso de Chile

Daniela Contreras Lanfranco


There is nothing new in saying that intangible resources are nowadays the most important element of an organization. The handling of human resources, from its many perspectives, is of continually greater importance, especially when we consider the flows of communication within, and moving inward and outward in the organization. On the other hand, the continuous changes that organizations have to face mean they need to adapt themselves without affecting the flows of communication. An organization can be hit by crisis both on an internal and an external level, and it should be prepared for this, even when many of these situations are produced at unforeseeable moments. The present article aims to show how important it is to handle crisis situations on a communicational level both internally and externally, especially focusing on the Chilean case of a recent example that affected the national community as a whole.

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