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Relaciones públicas y gestión de públicos en eventos : los principios rectores del ceremonial y el protocolo

M. Teresa Otero Alvarado


Organizations sometimes develop activities of extraordinary interest in terms of their environments through being excellent occasions for promoting their identity and institutional messages, identifying their universe and creating or harnessing alliances. These activities are performed by means of advanced public management techniques, the more important of which include the correct application of ceremonial systems (those which define organizational identity), and in cases where the communication is issued by the State, the norms of protocol, which are responsible for the image that citizens perceive remaining immutable in any place or temporary situation. In both cases, ceremony and protocol tell the different types of public both how they should appear to the group and what their spatial-temporary positions are in the relational imaginary of the event, a position given by the types of relation established beforehand by public relations and that are shown on the basis of the system of bonds in that organizational universe.

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