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Las relaciones públicas y la evaluación de la imagen proyectada por los medios de comunicación de masas Las elecciones a la presidencia de la Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid y al Ayuntamiento de Madrid en 2003

Alfredo Arceo Vacas


After nine months of analysis (from September 1, 2002 to May 25, 2003) of the information published in the local sections of four Madrid newspapers, ABC, El Mundo, El País and La Razón, this article examines the coverage generated over that period. It depicts an analysis model that makes it possible to collect information about the projected image that these newspapers presented to the public during the pre-campaign and the actual election campaigns both for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid and for the position as Major of Madrid. The psychologically analyzed objects are the two main forces competing politically in the aforementioned elections, the Popular Party (PP) and the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE); and the relevant candidates, i.e, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón and Esperanza Aguirre for the PP, and Trinidad Jiménez and Rafael Simancas for the PSOE. The research provides information about the most important topics covered by these political forces; the candidates and the newspapers studied during the electoral period; the amount of information produced by the different units of analysis and the image that was portrayed by all four newspapers. Finally, a strategic evaluation was made of the viability of converting the tool used for the analysis of the content of the mass media to mechanical work.

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