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La investigación de relaciones públicas en España

José Luis Arceo Vacas


Public relations research in Spain are based on one important fact: that in our country this discipline and profession has a history of only three decades. This is for two fundamental reasons: first, that systematized, albeit minimally developed, public relations, mainly appeared for the first time in Europe after the second world war, basically having been imported from the USA; and second, that during this period General Franco’s dictatorship in Spain from 1939 to 1975 prevented the possibility (at least from the end of the second world war) of any public relations in the strictest sense. This means that Spain, now in times of freedom, was left behind Europe and other countries of the democratic world. However, with democracy restored in Spain, over the past thirty years public relations have generally caught up with other leading countries of Europe and the rest of the world. Thus, at present, as in other places, Public relations are being researched in Spain from three possible angles: basic, applied and introspective. This is distributed by means of numerous books, articles in specialized magazines and conferences at international and national meetings.

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