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Research in Public Relations : current Status and New Directions

James E. Grunig


As research into Public Relations progresses, the problems that have arisen between the world of academics and professionals of this activity are revealed. It is evidently far from being a profession based on research, at best, professionals are interested in short-term research, and especially the effects of communication and its incidence on marketing. On many occasions, this is done to give credit to the investment made in PR, aiming to show that these investments are more profitable than advertising. Academics are more critical than professionals, but they should consider that their research must also offer applications for professional activity. But, on the other hand, if researchers do not think theoretically before measuring something, they will not achieve useful or valid results. In the area of organisations, reference is made to the contribution made by Public Relations in terms of the general effectiveness of the organisation. In this aspect, it has become patently evident that research has helped us to develop a global theory of Public Relations Excellence, and its general principles can be applied to several cultures.

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