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La indefinición de la TDT en Portugal tras el fracaso de la Plataforma de Televisão Digital Terrestre

Fernando Sabés Turmo


The failure in the putting in march of the Platform of Terrestrial Televisão Digital in Portugal, that it was granted in 2001 for the Government luso, it has derived in a process of lack of definition in the introduction of this technology on the Portuguese market, both for the lack of a model defined by the Administration and for the scanty interest that the principal media groups have showed up to the moment, without forgetting also the strong introduction of the television for cable. All this has driven to a situation in which at the moment the lack of definition is kept of how there will be produced the migration of the television analogical current system to foxglove, on a market in which important changes are produceding of shareholders in out-standing groups of communication and with a Government that has announced reforms in the sector of the audio-visual and between them there is the involution of the digital terrestrial television. The aim of this work is revising the failure of the putting in march of the Platform of Terrestrial Televisão Digital, to analyze its consequences inside a television market as special as is the Portuguese and to aim at some perspectives of future.

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