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La devaluación de la presunción de inocencia en el periodismo

Francesc Barata Villar


In the Spanish press, for several decades, information on crime reporting has achieved a relevant role in public debate; this is the main reason why it is essential to reflect on what the job of a journalist is and on how their reports contribute in creating social imaginary about the world of crime and the way justice is carried out. This article explains the conflicts between the right to the freedom of the press and due process guarantees. An empirical research of news from the newspaper El País shows evidence of how some narrative forms erode the presumption of innocence. The right to inform has to respect the Human Rights of citizens, even of those who are or have been accused in a criminal court. The demand for information can neither minimise Human Rights nor contribute to create parallel trials. It is still a challenge among journalists to find a suitable equilibrium between providing information and respecting due process guarantees.

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