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Indeterminación y construcción identitaria. Reflexiones sobre lo estético como dimensión dialógica de lo sensible

Vivian Romeu


This work will consider aesthetics as a conscience of the indetermination of the identity of the subject, from Paul Ricoeur’s theory of narrativity, specifically from his concept of narrative identity, and the relationship it establishes with a person’s processes of self reflection. We will also consider the role of aesthetics in the construction of the identity of the subject, that is, the construction of an intersubjective personal identity. In our approach to aesthetics we will review the concepts of dialogue, metaphor and aesthetic experience, taken from the most essentialist wing of the Aesthetic Reception Theory, hermeneutics and Aesthetic Pragmatics, respectively. The former will enable us to demonstrate that aesthetics constitutes an element of unavoidable participation in the narration of the identity of the subject.

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