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Javier Maqua y el docudrama

Javier Moral


Javier Maqua is a prolific writer, dramatist, essayist and filmmaker, who carried out active work for television by producing several episodes of Vivir cada día. This was a popular TV program in the 1980s that evolved from reporting to docudrama: the protagonists themselves «relived» the events. Maqua, one of the few filmmakers included in the Vivir cada día team, was the producer who opened the path to docudrama, contributing one of the most complete theoretical definitions of the category. His proposal has some peculiarities that convert him into an interesting example of the discursive possibilities of television compared to other mass media. The episodes filmed by Maqua for Vivir cada día are very far from the usual codes and frameworks of TV language, and belong more under the umbrella of cinematography, a universe that he uses as a reference and that is one of his more significant formal arguments.

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