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Recreando la sociedad del pasado : modernización y conflicto social en La Señora

Mª del Mar Chicharro Merayo


This paper aims to conduct a profound study into the socialization function performed by television. We start from the assumption that television narration has the capacity to provide its audiences with useful frameworks for interpreting the surrounding reality. More specifically, some of its products, although they belong in the realm of fiction, build explanatory interpretations of Spanish society in the present and past. From there our research focuses on the study of the soap opera La Señora (The Lady). This soap opera, under the macro-genre of melodrama, presents a discourse that adapts to the cultural features of its target audience. Its relationship with other texts, as well as its use of emotional and realistic strategies, facilitate its proximity to the audience. The analysis of this text will enable us to identify the semantic keys used by this soap opera to reflect the evolution of Spanish society. This process of change has been presented not only in a sentimental but also in an ideological way.

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