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Perfil y comportamiento de los autores de los blogs destacados en los ciberdiarios de Vocento

Bella Palomo, Koldo Meso Ayerdi


In 2005, online newspapers,, El Correo Digital,,,, and were the pioneers in the communication group Vocento in offering weblogs in their Internet sites. Journalists and contributors monopolized the authorship of this first offer, which amounted to thirty blogs. Three years later, the total amount of titles has increased exponentially and has achieved greater visibility by being integrated into the main page of these cyberdiaries and therefore, they are on the same level as the most relevant news of the day. This article shows the first census of blogs from the most notable authors in the Vocento group, resulting in one hundred and seventy-six titles across the thirteen newspapers with a printed, payable version. The results of a survey of the authors are presented with the purpose of assessing their profiles and habits, and detecting the strengths and weaknesses in their practice.

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