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Modelos de participación ciudadana como solución a las crisis institucionales motivadas por una oposición social

Miren Rodríguez


This research starts with the objective to analyze the communication policy designed by public institution in their task to make known to the citizenship the approval of energy projects and public works of common interest that do not have always the social approval. Through the study of all social agents that conform the public that targets the communication, it is analyzed the role of the different models of citizen participation as central role of global communication policy to make the society participant of the advantages and inconvenients of these works before they start and the subsequent social opposition promoted by ecologist, political parties, coordinators, social platforms and neighbours. What is the role of the media in this process? How important is to win the battle of public opinion? This study tries to answer those previous questions and studies the successes and the failures of the communication policy developed by the DIRCOM based on a real case: the Neumatic Collection of Garbage. This case gathers all the elements exposed previously and is movable to other cases like the installation of incinerators in Madrid, Cataluña, Basque Country, Palma de Mallorca, etc., the construction of nuclear power plants like Garoña and the growth of wind power stations.

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