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La práctica profesional en el proceso de convergencia mediática. Una aproximación metodológica Estudio del caso del grupo local de comunicación GOIENA Komunikazio Zerbitzuak, Koop.E

José Larrañaga Zubizarreta


The purpose of this paper has two sides: on one side, it analyzes, the professional practice of journalists in the convergence process of Goiena Komunikazio Zerbitzuak, one Basque mediatic group of information, which has a regional activity. On the other side, the paper is setting methodological tools of a qualitative and participant point of view in order to define professional changes and new functions and figures of news organizations. The evolution of journalist work from the traditional media to digital media leads to new definitions of the journalist, whom is named as «convergent journalist» or «multimedia journalist». These definitions may imply that the journalist is «multitask» in benefit of the economy of the organization. The definition is not about a digital journalist but about a new role of journalist. The definition of what means convergence and multimedia in the nowadays context of mediatic integration of different channels and support is being debated and talks us about the process of changes which is suffering nowadays the journalist role after the digitalization of news products. The hypothesis of this paper is that Goiena is living a mediatic integration which is not total, but its efforts are in the direction of coordinating the four media (press, radio, TV and internet) and is going to unify them in a unique multimedia and convergent redaction.

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