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Imágenes periodísticas de la inmigración. Aportaciones metodológicas al estudio de la comunicación visual

Carlos Muñiz Muriel, Juan José Igartua Perosanz, Montse de la Fuente Juan, José Antonio Otero Parra


With the Framing theory as a reference, a content analysis was developed, with Spanish media news photographs and images about immigration as units of analysis. 558 news were selected, 55.44% were press messages and the rest, 44.56%, television news. The aspects studied for each of the images contained in the sample were referred to the presence or absence of the different actors and geographical and physical places in them, and linked to immigration. Using a factorial analysis of these variables, four visual news frames in the immigration news were located and, also, related with the textual news frames of immigration. Results showed the relation between both, making more visible and understandable the transmitted information. Also, we discuss about the role of these frames as a complement of the textual information and its effects on public opinion.

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