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La Psicología en la Revista Médica de Barcelona: psicoterapia, higiene mental y moral

Annette Mülberger, Mònica Balltondre Pla, Òscar Montero-Pich, Andrea Graus i Ferrer, Sara Fajula


This historical study deals with the contributions made between 1924 and 1936 by the journal Revista Médica de Barcelona to the topic of mental care. Thereby we recognized the crucial role played by E. Mira y López and B. Rodríguez Arias and four different strategies sought by the journal to promote and influence the mental health of the population. The first level consists of the promotion of psychology as a source of health and as a medical field of specialization. In connection with this we find, in the second place, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, applied both, at an individual level (in the private practice), and collectively in institutions. At a third level we situate the campaign for mental hygiene. Finally, we consider the psychological aspects of criminology and moral hygiene.

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