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Manufactura dels Gobelins: la seva importància en el context de la tintura a la perifèria europea en el llindar del segle XX

Ricard Duran i Pineda


Since 1827, the applications of chemical science to textile-dyeing processes
were taught at the Chemistry School located in the «Atelier de teinture des Gobelins
», in Paris. The schools director was Michel-Eugène Chevreul, whose renown
brought to Paris students from several countries. Among them were Catalan an Spanish
students, who attended the courses on fellowships endowed by their provincial
governments («Diputaciones»). The new techniques those students learned with Mr.
Chevreul were then taught in local schools and subsequently adopted by Catalan textile
mills, becoming part of their ordinary procedures. This is an example of the transfer
of scientific and technical knowledge to the European periphery in the second half
of the nineteenth century. On the other hand, there is evidence pointing to a lasting association
between Mr. Chevreul and one of his Catalan students, Josep Vallhonesta.

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