Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Cambio tecnológico en la telefonía de Cataluña durante el monopolio de CTNE, 1924-1936

Àngel Calvo


Catalonia led the principal episodes of transference of the telephone to
Spain, typical phenomenon of the Second Technological Revolution. Before the creation
of the monopoly of the National Telephone Company of Spain (CTNE), Catalonia
was kept at the top of the Spanish regions in endowment of telephones. This owed basically
to the impulse given by the Mancomunitat to the construction of infrastructures
of telecommunication. CTNEs appearance in 1924 stamped a substantial draft on the
Spanish telephony. This paper analyzes how the program of amplification and modernization
supported by CTNE took form when it obtained the grant of the monopoly.
The basic support of the paper lays in the sources of the company, especially the Minutes
of the Board of Directors and the Minutes of the Managerial Committee.

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