Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Autores y traductores de libros de texto de química en España, 1788-1845

Rosa Muñoz Bello


This paper analyzes the collective biographical profile of authors and translators
of chemistry textbooks in Spain from 1788 to the 1845. We study their formation,
occupation, investigations, motivation to write the book, educational activity and
audiences, among other aspects. This study shows the variation of the biographical
profiles throughout the period. By the end of eighteenth century, most of the Spanish
chemistry textbooks were translations of French works. After a period of transition,
that corresponds approximately to the second reign of Fernando VII, a new generation
of authors emerged. Many of them were pharmacists by training, who were somehow
involved in the teaching of chemistry. They wrote a great number of chemistry textbooks
in Spanish language, so the relative importance of the translations decrease
although they continued representing a substantial part of the group.

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