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Història de la ciència : ensenyament i les tecnologies de la informació i la comunicació

Pere Grapí i Vilumara


The prestigious journal Isis published two essay reviews in the volume 98
for the year 2007 under the generic heading of «Clio Electric». Both articles intended
a reflection about the so called «digital revolution» in academic research on history
of science. Internet resources are making their way both in university and secondary
education, and nowadays it begins to be usual to find readings, forums,
multimedia animations, videos and images concerning the teaching of history of
science. The fact is that internet has become an ordinary and permanent place of
learning. A reality that has to be accepted with its challenges and inconveniences.
This paper is dealing with certain kind of learning activities that can allow secondary
school students to gain some access to history of science and technology in their science
courses. An important point of these activities is that they have been produced
to be used with the content management system for educational purposes Moodle
founded in the collaborative learning philosophy. The history of science may find in
the ICT an appropriate companion to be implemented in science curricula.

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