Revistes Catalanes amb Accés Obert (RACO)

Materials per a una història del fred

Francesc Xavier Barca i Salom


Although the technology of refrigeration and air conditioning developed in
the XX century, their origins can be traced back to the beginnings of civilization. Snow
and ice were used to preserve food and to cool drinks. However, it was not until the
mid XIX century that methods were elaborated to produce artificial ice and the early XX
century that air conditioning was developed. Today the widespread use of this technology
has necessitated the creation of vocational courses of a medium level for the
assembly and maintenance of air conditioning devices, and courses of a higher level
for making projects of thermal facilities. We present some didactic materials related to
the history of refrigeration that could be used in vocational courses to assist students,
and that could be included in a commemorative commercial catalogue in order to provide
a more detailed explanation to the technician.

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