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Josep Estalella i Josep Comas: de Girona a Tità

Manuel Moreno, Joan Miró


During the first two decades of the XX century, in the field of the astronomy
and of the popularization of the science, they highlight, among other, two
excellent contributions carried out by the astronomer and journalist Josep Comas
(1868-1937) and for the scientist and educator Josep Estalella (1879-1938).
They are the announcement of the discovery of the atmosphere of Titan (1908),
a satellite of Saturn, and the publication of the book Ciencia recreativa (1919),
respectively. The centennial of this discovery and the recent arrival of the probe
Huygens to this moon, as well as a reading and recent revision of the text of Estalella
are good reasons to analyze some aspects of these contributions of both
scientists and popularizers of the science whose task has never been sufficiently

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