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Cianofícies i algues aerofítiques de substrats carbonatats

Xavier Ariño i Vilà, A. Canals, Ma. de la Concepción Hernández Mariné


The walls of caves and tombs support an abundant colonization of light-dependent organisms. A total of 4 liverworts, 3 mosses, 7 lichens and 28 cyanophyta and algae are reported from 3 collecting sites. The development and specific com- position of these organisms is related to microclimatic parameters. Opportunistic species present in soils are found on the mouth of hypogeal niches. Light attenuation allows the development of calcifying cyanophyta following a succesional pattern, each level having a different dominant species. Communities dominated by Scytonema julianum are replaced by Herpyzonema pulverulentum and, towards the less ilurninated area, by Geitleria calcarea and Loriella sp.

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