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New records of the genus Dolichoctis Schmidt-Göbel from New Guinea and surrounding islands (Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiinae)

M. Baehr


New records of species of the carabid genus Dolichoctis Schmidt–Göbel from New Guinea and several surrounding islands are dealt with. Apart from two new species that were described in another recent paper (Baehr, 2003), records of the following species from New Guinea are annotated: D. aculeata Chaudoir, D. biak Baehr, D. dentata Darlington, D. laticollis Baehr, D. striata Schmidt–Göbel, D. subquadrata Darlington, D. subrotunda Darlington, and D. suturalis Darlington. D. aculeata Chaudoir is also recorded for the first time from the island of New Britain. Additional material of D. spinipennis Chaudoir corroborates its status as a separate species, being particular for the Moluccas.

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