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Barcelona 1854-1856: Crónicas del Ensanche, reflexiones de Antonio Brusi Ferrer

Sara Anna Mangiagalli


This article is the result of research that has allowed us to add a new figure to the
complex political and intellectual framework of one of the most decisive aspects in the history of
Barcelona: the demolition of the city’s walls.
Moved by the interest to individualise the fundamental stages of what was the project of
disconnexion and sale of Barcelona’s walls, after a stagnation of our research in the
reconstruction of the financial project presented by Pascual Madoz Ibáñez, we have wanted to
focus this study on a revaluation of the observations published by the then director of the brusi
concerning the enlargement of Barcelona during the liberal biennium.

Guided by the figure of Antonio Brusi Ferrer, we have generated our research paying attention
to individualising the different nuances shades assumed by the demolition of the walls and the
subsequent widely-debated enlargement of the Catalonian Capital in the Diario de Barcelona
between 1854 and 1856.

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