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El modelo valenciano para la gestión a través de la experiencia aplicativa de la LRAU en Alicante (1995-2005)

Carles Gascó Verdier


The approval in 1994 of the Legislation Regulating Planning Activity in the Autonomous Community of Valencia (LRAU) gave rise to the Valencian model for land management. Its application over more than a decade has highlighted effects in the production of urbanised (or developed) land, deriving from the rupture of the monopoly in land management. The paper deals with the effect of the responsibility in the performing phase of urban planning.

The study carried out is of an empirical nature and is centred in the application of the LRAU, in the coming into force of the Local Development Plan for Alicante , approved in 1987. The results indicate that the application of the Valencian model of the LRAU involve improvements in the urban development, especially in the effective materialisation of the development phases deriving from the planning, through fostering latent responsibility . However, the degree of explicit responsibility in the tenders was very low and only obtained slight advances in the production conditions of the awarded phases in the rules of responsibility.

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