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Analysis of place intensity in the examples of Liberty Square (TRG Slobode) and Njegos Square (Njegosev TRG) in Trebinje

Isidora Karan


Development of the theory of place in discourse does not always include its application in everyday life activities. Necessary connection of the two domains is possible only by studying actual and concrete places, and the methods in which they were constructed and how they function. Actual places, which always come as a result and are part of a specific context, are being analysed in this paper from the aspect of intensity. Seen as dynamic tensions resulting from correlations of various place characteristics, the intensity influences the creation of diversity and accomplishment of place permanence through time. Research of place intensity is performed by analysing systems of the two squares, Liberty Square and Njegos Square, both located in the town of Trebinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and for the purpose of understanding the manner of construction and its influence on the surroundings. Research results should serve as the basis for defining guidelines for future improvements of the two squares, but also as the basis for further research of the relationship between the place and its intensity.

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